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My father (an experienced bassist) and I share an interest in guitar repair, maintenance and modification. That's why we set up Woodpecker Guitar Repair.


Whether your guitar or bass needs fresh strings, a full setup, hardware replaced, wiring soldered, or more, we promise to deliver with the highest of standards and care.

We both have years of experience setting up and maintaining guitars for gigging and recording and have completed an in-person course with GTC Academy under boutique luthier James Collins.


Work is carried out from our home studio. Instrument collection and/or delivery can be discussed at an extra charge within a 10 mile radius of Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire.


For enquiries regarding guitar repair, setups or maintenance please send an email to


Restring 6-string: ----------------------------------------- £25

Restring bass: ----------------------------------------------- £25

Restring locking-trem: ------------------------------- £35

Full setup & restring 6 string: --------------- £60

Full setup & restring bass: ---------------------- £60

Full setup & restring locking trem: ----- £75

Electric jobs: ----------------------------------------- £30/hr

Miscellaneous jobs: -------------------------- £30/hr

Full setup includes (where applicable):

  • Guitar body & hardware clean

  • Fretboard conditioning

  • Fret polishing

  • Full restring

  • Neck relief adjustment

  • Tremolo adjustment

  • Action adjustment

  • Saddle radius adjustment

  • Pickup height adjustment

  • Intonation correction

  • Electrics maintenance e.g. cleaning scratchy pots. tightening loose jack sockets

(Please note that the pricing above excludes the cost of strings or any parts/materials supplied by Woodpecker Guitar Repair).

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